Alberto Villoldo

Already in his mid-20s, Alberto Villoldo was researching energy medicine at San Francisco State University until he finally realized that he could not find the answers to his questions under the microscope, but only in the world. He swapped his lab coat for hiking boots and set off for the Amazon to learn from the shamans and medicine people there how to heal emotional wounds. This enabled him to transform his own pain, sadness and shame into sources of strength and compassion. Today, in seminars and his bestsellers, he shows others how we can heal and transform ourselves.

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Being in the Flow: The Invitation to Dance with Your Purpose

When we venture onto the dance floor of time these days, it is always a “hot” place in the midst of so many challenges, catastrophes and strokes of fate. There is a clear difference between fate and destiny. Once we choose to dance with destiny in our own right rather than let the winds of change blow us around, we can take the steps necessary to grow and become a new kind of person (homo luminus). We learn from Alberto Villoldo how we manage to develop from conqueror of the earth to its guardian and which four levels we go through in order to grow into a new humanity. He also takes us into a letting go ceremony and shows us a breathing technique through which we experience connection with all life and improve our energy field.

In this video you will find out…
  • how you can choose your own dance with fate
  • why our brain needs the ceremony to let go & change
  • how we can make a huge quantum leap towards a new humanity in these challenging times
  • which are the 4 levels through which we find a new way of being human
  • how to experience connection with all life + increase your energy field using a breathing technique

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