Anthony William

When William first heard the voice of a ghost in his ear as a four-year-old, he quickly realized that it was giving him medical information about people around him. His diagnoses were always accurate, and Anthony quickly became a trusted and reliable source when it came to medical questions, as he also used his skills to assist in the healing and prevention of illness. His books subsequently became bestsellers and his insider tip, celery juice, has long been no secret.

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How you can fight chronic illnesses

The medical medium Anthony William can give answers that science cannot and now knows that he has an extraordinary gift with which he helps people. In this interview, Anthony shares how he sees himself and why it is so important to him to spread the information available to him. He talks about viruses, bacteria and toxins that we encounter every day and explains which methods he recommends for combating chronic diseases or autoimmune diseases, why scientists and doctors cannot (yet) help many people – and how the system uses deception to keep us busy.

In this video you will find out…
  • why you have to invest a lot if you suffer from serious illnesses
  • what miraculous benefits celery juice can have for your health
  • how autoimmune diseases are related to the Epstein-Barr virus
  • how women in particular are currently suffering but can be protected
  • which foods Anthony recommends and which you should avoid
  • why compassion for yourself is incredibly important

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