Diana Cooper

The writer and spiritual teacher Diana Cooper found her true purpose during a life crisis when she was pulled out of her body by a golden angel and was allowed to see many things that were previously unknown to her. It was only a few years later that she began to actually work with the angels and talk about them. She writes down the knowledge that they share with her – including about other special beings – in books. She also publishes different card decks.

Further information at: www.dianacooper.com

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Ascension Flames for Cleansing and Healing

In this session, Diana Cooper speaks about Ascension Flames that Archangels and Masters can create and present to us through concentrated light. They have an immense influence on our bodies as well as our aura. Diana explains what great powers the colored ascension flames have and what saints and archangels they make available to you, inviting you to feel the vibrations of the flames and experience how significant your own intention is. So you can say goodbye to negative beliefs, bathe in pure light and let miracles happen.

In this video you will find out…
  • what ascension flames are and what characterizes them
  • why the power of three flames is so incredibly great
  • how you can feel the healing and cleansing powers
  • which flames serve love and healing
  • how you can send ascension flames to others and support them

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