Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the most successful speakers of recent years. He is known for his ability to convey scientific concepts to non-experts in a lively, clear and entertaining way. He has been imparting his deep knowledge of the close relationship between brain chemistry, neurophysiology and biology and their importance for our health in seminars and training courses around the world since 1986.

Further information at: www.drjoedispenza.de

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The healing formula of brain-heart coherence

We all want to be, become and stay healthy physically and mentally. But what if someone, for example, has serious health problems and seems like all options have been exhausted? Dr. Joe Dispenza’s focus is right here – with people who do not respond to conventional and non-conventional treatments. Is it the end for her or is there another option? Decades of self-experience and in-depth research led him to an insight: brain and heart coherence – a process that frees the mind and opens the heart. A simple formula that opens the door to unlimited possibilities. The crux of the matter: You have to make the clear decision to change. This firm intention brings with it a heightened emotion, so much so that your body begins to respond to your mind. Dr. Joe’s goal: to give people practical tools to show themselves that they are not the victims, but the creators of their lives. When you change your energy, your life changes. It’s your decision: Do you remain in eternal wishful thinking or do you live with a clear intention?

In this video you will find out…
  • how to align your heart and brain
  • what the “clear intention – heightened emotion” principle is all about
  • why your heart is your creative center
  • why finding ways to be grateful helps your entire system
  • why visualizing the future before it happens leads to happiness & health
  • what “greater wholeness” means and how to achieve it
  • how to let things come to you instead of chasing them
  • what coherence can look like for ourselves and the world at large

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