Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany, educated in London and now lives in Canada. He became one of the world’s best-known spiritual teachers and authors by emphasizing the now over the past and the future. With the power of the present we can get closer to ourselves and let go of fears. He shares his knowledge not only in his books and lectures, but also in videos.

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Discover the pure consciousness within you

In this session you will not only enjoy a lecture by Eckhart Tolle, but you will also take part in a special type of meditation. Eckhart introduces his concept of objective consciousness and explains how the uninterrupted flow of thoughts that accompanies us every day is the foundation of most people’s identities. The life story with which they identify is usually unhappy – but not seen objectively, but rather through the constant repetition of the same thoughts. In this philosophical and humorous lecture, Eckhart explains how you can grow beyond your ego and achieve a new, present consciousness or what distinguishes intelligence from wisdom.

In this video you will find out…
  • why you should pay attention not only to the spoken words, but also to the silence
  • what a sense of self and identity means to most people
  • to what extent the burden of life cuts us off from diversity and liveliness
  • how you manage to escape thoughts and regain the connection to being
  • what possibilities there are to free yourself from the ego self and open yourself to the spatial

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