Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank Kinslow is a teacher of the deaf, chiropractor, Doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling, and best-selling author. After more than 25 years, he experienced a deep personal crisis and stopped his daily meditation practice, which often lasted more than two hours. During this time he discovered the original source of healing and happiness, Eufeeling. This is how he ultimately founded the Quantum Entrainment® method, quantum healing. Now he teaches this simple, effective and fast method in his seminars and webinars around the world.

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Experiencing Nothingness: This is how you reach pure awareness

Dr. Frank Kinslow is the founder of Quantum Entrainment® and in this session he shares a powerful process with you that can fundamentally change your life. He explains why consciousness and awareness have immense meaning for him and how the quality of your awareness also influences your quality of life. By aligning our awareness, we can gain more knowledge and (again) feel joy in life itself. Frank introduces you to the concept of pure awareness and explains what nothingness is and what it contains. He concludes his lecture with an exercise to experience nothingness yourself and reach your own self.

In this video you will find out…
  • how Frank’s training method can change your life in the right way
  • how a changed awareness shapes a view of life
  • what pure awareness is and what benefits you can derive from it
  • why experiencing nothingness is desirable
  • when pure awareness can help heal yourself and others

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