Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is a Scottish medium who recognized his talent as a child and has been training ever since. With his work he inspires countless people in their personal development. As an author, he recounts his most moving and extraordinary experiences communicating with the deceased and shares the insights he gained from them. A collaboration between science and spirituality is just as important to him as a natural demeanor and demonstrating his gifts in workshops.

Further information at: www.gordonsmithmedium.com

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How to find the beauty in life again

Many of us are afraid for our families, our children, our future – but medium Gordon Smith wants to take this fear away from us, because even an impending death is not the end: our life force flows from one life to the next. And this knowledge can inspire immense hope within us, even when the world around us seems dark. In his contribution to the flow!summit, Gordon tells you how important your attitude is in order to see the good in life. He also emphasizes that the universe can give you exactly what you need when you are in flow.

In this video you will find out…
  • how you can get back into the flow from a stuck point
  • why most fears only exist in our own heads
  • why changes in perspective are important in order to (re) recognize the beauty of the world
  • what importance nature can play in the growth of our spirit
  • to what extent the pandemic and lockdown have also created opportunities

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