Jon Paul Crimi

Jon Paul Crimi is a coach and breathwork expert. He got his own addiction problems under control with breathwork practice and shares his knowledge in courses and workshops. Regular television appearances have made the American even better known, including among stars. He relies on a simple and effective approach – without any fuss – and is convinced that his techniques can help everyone to bring about quick changes and make you healthier and happier.

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Breathe More Consciously, Live More Relaxed

Many people breathe in ways that are detrimental to their mental and physical health – breathing too shallowly, through their mouths too much, or repeatedly holding their breath. These breathing patterns often arise from stress, unprocessed trauma or emotional blockages and are a breeding ground for anxiety and depression. In this entertaining sum-with article, internationally recognized breathing coach Jon Paul Crimi encourages you to stop suppressing negative feelings and improve your relationship with your breath. He will show you simple but extremely effective breathing techniques that will help you breathe more consciously and go through life more peacefully, patiently and happily.

In this video you will find out…
  • how your breath can change your life
  • where in your body the feelings are located
  • what digestion has to do with your breath
  • why you shouldn’t suppress emotions
  • which breathing techniques help against fear and anger

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