Lee Caroll & Monika Muranyi

As a rational sound engineer in the 1980s, Lee Carroll was overwhelmed when he learned of the entity Kryon – but eventually he accepted his destiny to act as Kryon’s medium. Since 1989, he has traveled the world to convey the messages of love and hope that have been conveyed to him. In addition to channelings, he also publishes books. Monika Muranyi is a kind of chronicler of Kyron. She has a deep connection to Gaia, Mother Earth, and compiles information from the channelings. Many of her books have become bestsellers.

Further information at: www.kryon.de

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How We Achieve Supreme Consciousness – Meditation: Let’s bring more light into the world

Many ancient cultures have already predicted that our world will be in a state of upheaval. But if we overcome the challenges before us, we can reach the highest consciousness, the Maya predicted, for example. Medium Lee Caroll believes that the loving entity Kryon can guide us through this upheaval and help us survive dark and challenging times. Monika Muranyi shows what a bright future lies ahead of us and together in this session Lee and Monika will tell you how you too can accept the positive sides of the changes and how it is already clear that the dark energy is less powerful.

In this video you will find out…
  • what significant phase of change we are currently in
  • what Kyron says is behind the changes in the world
  • how well-known patterns are still repeated today
  • to what extent we can already see how the future shines brighter before us
  • why you should consume media consciously and critically

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