Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is a speaker, best-selling author and one of the world’s most recognized representatives of transformational leadership. She became even more famous thanks to the film “The Secret”. The Belgian-born woman combines her intuitive knowledge of the law of attraction with her knowledge of quantum physics, meditation, Feng Shui and dowsing rods. This is how your clients – individuals and companies – become more successful and achieve a new level of energy in their lives. Marie now works in America and has already reached more than 1 million people through workshops, seminars, lectures and online courses.

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Get into the flow with Feng Shui

In this inspiring contribution to this year’s flow!summit, best-selling author and Feng Shui master Marie Diamond explains to us that, in addition to our spiritual practice and our thoughts, feelings and actions, there is another important aspect of our attraction that many of us often do not face are aware of our immediate surroundings. For example, if our home has a negative influence on us, it can block good energies and negatively impact our lives. Marie therefore invites us to feel into the energies in our home to find out what we need to change. She also gives us lots of practical tips on how we can optimize Feng Shui in our own four walls using colors, certain objects and positioning, for example, and thus get into the flow of the universe.

In this video you will find out…
  • how Marie Diamond became a Feng Shui master
  • how to manifest your law of attraction
  • what simple steps can improve your Feng Shui
  • which colors and images are good for you in your home
  • what the power position can do in your office

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