Neale Donald Walsch

Author Neale Donald Walsch grew up in a religious family and felt connected to spirituality from an early age. After some serious changes in his life, he wrote the best-selling trilogy “Conversations with God” and then launched several projects to pave the world the way to peace and to achieve clarity and love. As Neale traveled around the world, he noticed not only that people were seeking new paths in life, but also that a new understanding of God could help.

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Be open to the “more”: Know who we really are

Are we open to the question: Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about life, who we are in it, and who some of us call God? What if we have been wrong up until now about many relevant views and beliefs – especially when it comes to religion? And what if we gained an understanding of it that changed everything? This is preceded by the following consideration: Why does progress and research continue to take place in all areas of life and new insights emerge – only in the area of religion have we remained at the same point since time immemorial? Apparently, in theology, we avoid further investigation, keeping an open mind, in the area of our most sacred beliefs. Neale Donald Walsh invites us to be open to the possibility that the right answers will come to us, as a collective, as a group – if we are willing to listen.

In this video you will find out…
  • what an “idea hero” is and why we have to become one
  • why we should consciously and constantly question ourselves, our existence and our task
  • why it is so important to remain open to the answers that want to find us
  • that we are not the masters of the universe, but rather individuations of divinity
  • why religions are incomplete and what information is still waiting for us
  • what 4 fundamental questions we can ask ourselves every day

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