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Dr. Wayne Dyer was an internationally sought-after author and speaker who focused on personal development and spiritual growth. As a trained psychologist, he taught for many years at St. John’s University in New York and became world-famous in the mid-1970s with the book “The Sore Spot: The Art of Not Being Unhappy”. He saw it as his destiny to support other people in their change. Wayne Dyer died in 2015 at the age of 75.

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Change your thoughts, change your life – Living the wisdom of the Tao

Some people say that Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching is the wisest book ever written. It was definitely life changing for Wayne Dyer. The book, the many years of intensive study of each verse in it and the practical application of the motto “Change your thoughts, change your life” were for Wayne a kind of guide that helped him “return” to the place from which everyone comes here and lives life from a spiritual perspective. Until his death in 2015, Wayne Dyer studied the Tao intensively and consistently lovingly applied it to his own life. In this lecture he takes us on a fascinating journey to the wisdom of the Tao and lets us understand that we have a nature that we can trust, how we can exchange our sense of entitlement for radical humility, and how we can authentically live the state of contentment … and much more.

In this video you will find out…
  • what the principles of the Tao can teach you
  • why it is so important to learn to die while we are still alive
  • what the principle of change and the 80-20 rule show you
  • how transformative the word “thank you” is
  • why nature should be our role model for transforming thinking
  • how liberating – and important – it is to shake off or re-educate your ego
  • why it is worth changing your fears towards non-judgmental curiosity
  • how much peace the awareness that we are all connected creates
  • why less trying means more doing
  • that transformation from rigidity to softness is the true path

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